Noor Youth was established in 1998 with the aim of nurturing our children and youth so that they grow up to become well-rounded and charitable members of society. We firmly believe that there are few things more important than the development of young people, since the children of today are the society of tomorrow, and if we want our community to remain one of moral integrity and spiritual enlightenment it is incumbent that we instil these values into our youth. We are committed to providing a platform for a wide range of youth-focused projects, from physical activities like sports tournaments and daytrips to more educational and religious programmes. We not only hold events and projects for young people, but also encourage them to become involved in the organisation process itself. As such we help develop their organisation and communication skills and empower them to go on to play prominent roles in the community as leaders and organisers.

Our mission is to equip the youth with values and ethics inspired by Islam and the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt, such as compassion, charity, tolerance and mutual respect. We are dedicated to raising a generation of good citizens who have strong faith-derived values and are fully engaged members of the wider British society.



We have organised a number of conferences over the years, bringing together a diverse range of speakers and lecturers to discuss various issues pertinent to our youth, such as what it means to grow up as Muslims in the West, as well as providing a platform for young people to network and get themselves involved with the debates taking place. Our conferences have been a great success, with over six-hundred people in attendance. For a more intimate environment, though, we have our seminars. Being smaller in scale, the seminars really give the youth a chance to engage dynamically with the issues at hand and discuss points with the guest speakers.



Noor Youth has held many sporting events and tournaments, including football clubs and table-tennis events. Our aim is to provide our youth with a safe environment in which to socialise and engage in physical activities. We have also participated in both inter-communal and intra-communal tournaments, making trips to other cities, such as Manchester, to play rival teams.


We at Noor Youth are committed to furthering the empowerment of women in our community by holding events that particularly address issues such as gender inequality, pressures to conform and the challenges facing girls and young women in everyday life. We are firm believers that in order to shape the community of tomorrow we need to nurture the children of today, and we have the ardent aspiration of creating a society in which everyone is treated equally, regardless of gender.



Our camps are a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to come together and engage with each other. The camps usually last from between a few days to a week and include both physical activities, such as archery and wall-climbing, and intellectual activities, such as discussion circles and workshops. We encourage the youth to get involved in all of these activities so that they can develop into well-rounded individuals.