Al-Huda Arabic School for Boys



Al-Huda Arabic School was founded in 1989 with the aim of bringing together and educating the children of our community. We believe that we all have a responsibility when it comes to the education of our children, since they are the future of our community. Our central goal is to teach the Arabic language to our children in order to connect them to their heritage and to the culture which is their birthright, fostering an important sense of cultural identity. As well as that, we are committed to promoting integration and participation in the wider British society. We also want to develop our children’s confidence when it comes to dealing with the ideological challenges they will face living amidst the different cultures in this country. Though when we first opened we had only 35 students, we’ve since grown and are now home to over 180 students.

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The school is primarily focused on teaching the Arabic language and offers qualifications in Arabic at GCSE and AS level. We have a solid programme of study that builds up a strong foundation in the language from years two to six, followed by a year of pre-GCSE Arabic in year seven, with students taking their GCSE Arabic in year eight and their AS Arabic in year nine. The strength of our study programme is vindicated by a 100% pass rate, with the vast majority of students attain A and A* grades.

As well as teaching Arabic, we also have classes on Islamic Education and Qur’an. We want to give our students a good understanding of Islam and its message of peace, love and co-existence, in order to combat the extremist narrative which exists in some sections of Muslim society.

When it comes to teaching methods we have embraced modern technology and have completely integrated our student’s homework with the school website. Every week homework is made available on the website for students to download and complete.



At Al-Huda we have a variety of extracurricular activities for the enjoyment and spiritual enrichment of our students. Every June we organise a fun trip for the whole school to a theme park or museum. This is a great opportunity for our students to relax and enjoy themselves in a carefree environment following the rigours of the school year. During the summer period we also have special educational programmes, such as Qur’an Lessons and Islamic Education courses. In addition to that we hold Qur’an Memorisation Competitions, in which certificates and prizes are distributed to those who perform best.

We are dedicated to nurturing a spirit of charity and responsibility in our students, and to that end we have teamed up the Noor Orphans Fund to execute a number of charitable programmes in the school. Each class collectively sponsors an orphan in Iraq and the students are encouraged to connect with their sponsored orphan by sending them letters and presents. As well as that, we hold a charity bazaar on the last day of every school year for all the members of the school and their families to attend, where we sell everyday commodities, food and drinks. All the proceeds of the bazaar goes to the Noor Orphans Fund.


When it comes to the building of communities, one thing that is indispensable is the education of our children. For our community in particular we have a duty to preserve our culture and pass it on to our children. Al-Huda Arabic School has been running for more than twenty-five years now and I have the honour of being the latest in a succession of headmasters who have all done their utmost to serve the children of our community. During my tenure I have addressed a number of priorities, chief amongst them being my dedication to turn out a new, well-mannered generation who speak, read and write the Arabic language. On top of that I believe in fostering the spirit of charity in the hearts of my students by involving them in charitable projects in collaboration with the Noor Orphans Fund.

As headmaster and a servant of the community, I just want to say that I will always keep the door open to anyone who has the spirit of giving and wants to serve our children. Together we will raise a new generation of well-adjusted citizens, equipped with the tools they need to negotiate the different cultures they will encounter living in a free and open society like the United Kingdom.