An-Noor Arabic School for Girls


Following on from the success and the dramatic expansion of Al-Huda, An-Noor Arabic School for girls was established in 1995 to cater for the burgeoning demand from the community. The aim of the school is to teach our children the Arabic language whilst nurturing their values and their faith, all the while emphasising and promoting integration with society at large. We want to build up their characters so that they can grow up to be respectful citizens of the United Kingdom.

We are very proud of the cultural diversity at our school in terms of members of staff, volunteers and students. We are always striving for excellence in our school and looking for ways to improve the programmes we offer as well as the teaching experience. As such our staff regularly undertake training in various aspects of school life to ensure the continued provision of an effective and efficient educational service for our children.

Our students excel in both their academic achievements and in their contribution to activities within the community. Our expressive arts activities regularly exhibit excellent productions for the local community and are sometimes shown at national events.

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