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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is NOF evolving into NRF?

Noor Orphans Fund (NOF) is currently a subsidiary of Noor Trust charity. Noor Trust has other subsidiaries such as the Arabic schools and Noor Islamic Education. This means that the objectives of NOF are always tied up with the objectives of Noor Trust. Therefore, the NOF team have created Noor Relief Fund (NRF) as a new charity (charity registration number in England and Wales: 1190503) that will give them more freedom to expand and implement humanitarian aid projects which will help save more lives around the world.
Please feel free to check Noor Trust’s privacy policy here, and Noor Relief Fund’s privacy policy here.

What will happen to NOF?

NOF will still exist, but now as a new charity and under a new name: Noor Relief Fund. The current NOF management and staff are the same people who will manage and work for NRF.  

Will you still focus on orphans?

One of the main focus areas for NRF remains on orphans and orphan sponsorship. However, important changes will include more focus on empowering orphaned children and expanding provisions globally to those who are most in need and can look to a brighter and more independent future with the help of NRF and its supporters.  

What will happen to my monthly orphan sponsorship?

If you are currently sponsoring orphans with NOF or making a monthly donation to a specific project, you will be able to keep sponsoring the same orphan(s) and you can also keep donating to the same projects as you used to do with NOF.  However, your future payments will need to be sent to the NRF bank details.  

Will NRF have the same trustees as Noor Trust?

As a new charity, NRF has a new set of dedicated and trustworthy trustees who will provide the expertise needed to take NRF to the next level.  

Do I need to do anything?

Yes. As with NOF, NRF will also rely on your donations to help the orphans, widows and the destitute.  Therefore, for us to continue receiving your regular donations, it is paramount for you to give us permission to do so.

  1. If you have set up your regular donation via the Noor Orphans Fund’s website (, then click here to fill out this form online and give us permission to transfer your details.
  2. If you are making monthly donations to the Noor Trust bank account, please change it to:

    Account Name: Noor Relief Fund
    Sort Code: 60-10-10
    Account Number: 93133804

What if I don’t switch my donations to NRF?

If you do not switch your donations to NRF, the orphans and widows will cease to receive your donations. These orphans and widows are relying greatly on your donations for their survival, so please make the switch as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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